About MMHJ Corp

Empower Entrepreneur
MMHJ Corp. is a human resource management company that provides outsource service in assisting SME companies to grow the HRM system effectively.

HRM consist of a combination of art and science role in an organization where we strongly believe that entrepreneurs must emphasize on. The “art” in managing people creatively and innovatively with the right skill sets, experiences and approaches; the “science” focused on the precision of theory, methods, goals, etc.

MMHJ is always ready to support in growing your organization with the most applicable and updated HRM.

Our Mission

MMHJ is specialised in planning, designing, recruiting, and managing human resource management with the right development solutions in creating tangible and sustainable impact for entrepreneurs in their road to success. 

Our Vision

To breakthrough clients’ company growth and achievement.

Our Objective

To optimize the organization operations in achieving high growth.

Our Core Value

Always think out of the box, keep innovating and breakthrough limits.

Our HRM service will reduce your concerns in any HR related matters.



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