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What is HRM ?

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the most crucial service demanded for an organization to assist and support in managing the organization’s achievement and employee’s growth to drive diversity. on to assist and support in managing the organization’s achievement and employee’s growth to drive diversity.


MMHJ is confident in delivering a comprehensive, flexible and specific HRM structure to fulfil your business needs and creates breakthroughs in line with the organization’s unique DNA, direction and goals.

Feel free to reach us to know more about services we offered range from a full set of HRM services or specific HRM areas to enhance and optimize your business in ensuring a sustainable growth.



We provide Human Resource Management services and/or solutions such as:

Customizable solutions based on your company's needs and requirement to improve either short-term or long-term planning.
The right HRM system ad structured new team and management set-up.
Our services can be delivered independently, or as integrated bundles in accordance to your company's requirement in achieving sustainable growth.

"MMHJ Elevates Your POTENTIAL"



Human Resource (HR) Roadmap Planning

"HR Roadmap Planning = Scaling up Planning”

A good and effective HRRP is a strategic planning which fits your organization’s direction, goals, human resource development and performance. Getting the right people on board with the right timing leads growth to the business towards the right path.

MMHJ supports you in analysing and planning the appropriate human resource development in creating a path of advancement for you, employees and the organization’s goals using the most efficient HR plan which includes:

  • Organization Planning
  • Hiring Planning
  • Position Model
  • Interview Workflow
  • Department OKR & KPI
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Critical Talent Development

Recruitment Management

“8:2 Ratio On Selecting The Right People”
Recruitment Management plays a critical role on the HR Roadmap Planning. It will strengthen the performance and productivity for your organization. A clear picture on the requirement for the talent is the most important part and we are strongly believe that if we put 20% effort into the recruitment or hiring, the organization shall still facing 80% of obstacles, issues and etc after get the staff. Our philosophy is put in 80% effort to select the right people to fill the position.

We are helping you to define the right people to fit the position from the recruitment planning to the orientation training with the workflow provided including:
  • Hiring Management
  • Candidate Shortlisted
  • Interview Arrangement
  • Employment Letter
  • Orientation Training

Salaries Management

“Upgrading to Smart HR Solutions”

Salary management is to sustain quality employees through HRRP, at the same time attract top talents to join the team. It is a rewarding plan to encourage employees with higher job satisfaction.

Establishment of smart reporting solutions using the latest technology of measure the efficiency of the routines and tasks of your employees and organizations.

MMHJ will support in managing HRM related matter such as:

  • Monitor Routine Work
  • Reporting System
  • Salary Computation
  • Leave Management
  • HR Administrative Tasks

Performance Management

“Results Driven By Reward”
Performance Management is an important systematic process for your organization to clearly understand and develop effecive and qualified employees.

We strongly believe that talents are always concern with their own career path, growth and success. Therefore,your organization have to be equipped in developing a good strategy in HRRP.

MMHJ will assist and support in aligning the expectation of your organization's direction accordingly to the employee's career path as followed:

  • Performance Management
  • Appraisal System
  • Employee Career Path
  • Reward Planning
  • Employee-Employer Relationship 



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